Salesforce App

Any Data. Any Document. Any Delivery.

As companies today consolidate and standardize their sales, service and other data-driven processes on Salesforce, applications that leverage every opportunity for users to perform their jobs solely in Salesforce is critical to maximizing their investment and user adoption.


Nintex Drawloop Document Generation does both. Drawloop Document Generation addresses the needs of organizations with complex document and data by transforming the task of generating documents into an automated business service in Salesforce.

Nintex Drawloop Document Generation

One screen. One database. One document package. No more hunting for the latest version on your desktop; copying and pasting data between documents and databases; or sending multiple attachments via multiple emails. With Drawloop, users now generate documents utilizing Salesforce and third party data within one environment and your organization can leverage existing business rules and workflows, or create new ones in order to completely automate your document generation process and eliminate any manual intervention.

ANY DATA – Salesforce, Apex, and External Data

From the simplest to the most complex data requirements, Nintex Drawloop has you covered. In addition to Salesforce data, Drawloop Document Generation also utilizes Apex, External or any other company data to dynamically populate and generate documents. This allows you to create documents specific to user requirements while virtually eliminating any errors associated with manually copying and pasting data. You can also automatically trigger the creation of new records or update Salesforce data by utilizing business and workflow rules.

  • Accurate and up-to-date data merged to your documents
  • Improved Salesforce data compliance
  • Increased Salesforce user adoption

ANY DOCUMENT – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and Visualforce Page

Drawloop Document Generation combines any number and combination of document types – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and Visualforce pages – into a DDP (Dynamic Document Package) that you can deliver & store anywhere. We use the exact same documents that are currently being used except now they reside in Salesforce as templates.

  • Retain document formatting, content and data integrity
  • Easily edit and update your document templates for your entire organization
  • Consistency across your entire organization
  • Limit document exposure
  • Ensure documents are always the latest version and brand consistent

ANY DELIVERY – Email, E-Sign, Chatter, Download, Storage, Workflow, External Service (HTTP), and Fax

Drawloop Document Generation automates the final step of an automated document process – delivering your completed documents. Drawloop Document Generation does not limit you to one delivery option, but provides multiple delivery options that fit both you and your customers’ needs. Whether it’s via email, download, SMTP, HTTPs, Salesforce Chatter or eSignature – you can now create and deliver a single DDP (containing multiple documents) automatically from Salesforce.

  • Provides flexibility to select the delivery option that best fits your needs
  • Document delivery becomes a continuation of your document generation process in Salesforce vs. a disjointed task
  • Leverage triggers, workflows or batch to deliver DDPs to anyone at anytime