LOOPfor Salesforce

More and more companies today are consolidating and standardizing their sales and service processes on Salesforce. For these companies, priority number one is two-fold – (i) maximize user adoption and (ii) leverage every opportunity for their sales people and customer service reps to perform their jobs solely within Salesforce.

Drawloop’s document automation services accomplish both. With Drawloop, your sales and customer service teams work only within your Salesforce environment and only with your Salesforce data to create, build, manage and store their documents.

Salesforce applications include:

LOOP Document Services automate your document creation process by dynamically merging Salesforce data into one or more document templates via a Dynamic Document Package (DDP).

Document Cloud

LOOP Storage Services is an alternative solution to store any type of documents or media files that your sales or service team members need to access directly in Salesforce.


Automating Your Document Process

Documents. They are necessarily a part of doing your job whether you’re in sales or customer service. But how much time do you really spend . . .

Tracking . . . Documents.

We’re guessing the answer is more than you realize or care to.

The problem is that in spite of technology that has automated almost every step of your sales and service process, most individuals are still stuck with a manual document creation process and repeating the same tedious tasks (see list above) almost every time.

The solution to this time crunch is Drawloop’s document services. Drawloop’s document services automate all of the steps above and reduce the amount of time you interact with documents so you can increase the amount of time selling to and servicing your customers.

Drawloop offers multiple solutions for companies that utilize Salesforce and are looking to streamline their document creation process and store those documents cost-effectively.