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Customer Success

  • Drawloop has exponentially increased ASCAP’s ability to generate licensing agreements – from 75 to 7,500 per week – with only a 10% increase in staff. Today, users benefit from an integrated document process that delivers client-specific licensing packages in seconds and stores all file directly in Salesforce.  Learn more>

  • With Drawloop, LinkedIn sales reps have decreased by half the amount of time it takes to turn around a contract or proposal. And because the documents are generated using only Salesforce, data compliance has significantly improved, increasing the accuracy of pipeline and sales reports.  Learn more>

  • Meritage Homes uses LOOP Document Services, Salesforce and a custom-contracting database to automate 98% of custom or customer-specific fields in new home contracts. This has reduced contract support issues to virtually zero and no longer requires a dedicated headcount for tracking, managing and creating sales documents.  Learn more >

  • Intralinks uses Drawloop’s LOOP Document Services to enforce pricing controls and workflow rules for over 3,000 pricing combinations used in sales contracts and proposals. This has increased sales rep productivity and document turnaround time, while significantly reducing the number of invoices accounting now generates.  Learn more >