Love is in the Air. . . at Drawloop

Feb 13

In the spirit of tomorrow’s holiday, we thought we’d spread some love to a group that sometimes doesn’t hear it as much as they should – each other. It’s easy to take for granted the people you work with especially if they are as awesome as the Drawloop crew. Let’s just say we work hard [...]


The Indirect Benefits of Automated Document Generation in Salesforce: Part Two

Jan 29

In part one of our blog post, we discussed how an automated document process in Salesforce improves more than just document generation. Any individual in any organization is directly impacted simply by the drastic reduction – from hours to minutes – in the amount of time spent creating a document. But for an entire organization, [...]

Doc Gen Benefits1-4ftr

Eight Indirect Benefits of an Automated Document Generation Process: Part One

Jan 21

By now, you’ve heard us talk about the numerous benefits associated with automating your document generation process in Salesforce including – Eliminate document errors Control document versions, i.e., ensure the most up-to-date is distributed Consolidate multiple documents into a single package Reduce or eliminate document review cycles Improve organizational productivity and efficiency . But we’ve [...]


Drawloop Technologies Solidifies Position in APAC: Partners with Morphate

Jan 6

Partnership Appoints Morphate as Drawloop’s APAC Arm for Sales & Support Drawloop Technologies, the AppExchange five-star rated document generation solution for Salesforce and Salesforce1, announced today a formal sales and service partnership with Morphate, a leading Systems Integrator in Australia and New Zealand. The partnership assigns sales, service and technical support responsibilities of Drawloop customer [...]


It’'”s Official! Santa Has Moved to the Cloud!

Dec 22

Eventually everyone breaks down and utilizes technology. . . even Santa. For hundreds of years, he has compiled his naughty and nice list the only way he could – by writing each name down one by one in his book. Can you imagine how long it has taken him each year to maintain “the” list? [...]


Long Awaited LOOP Document Services 6.9 Available Now

Dec 2

We are thrilled to announce today’s release of LOOP Document Services version 6.9 on the AppExchange! This version brings many long awaited features to our customers. Keeping in line with our current blog post series, we have broken out new enhancements for Any Document, Any Data, and Any Delivery. Update now to version 6.9. Any [...]

ddp email ftr

Beyond Email: Unlocking Document Delivery Options for Your Organization

Nov 20

Part three of our latest blog series, “Any Data. Any Document. Any Delivery.” It’s been two long hours but you’ve finally finished manually editing and creating the documents needed for your customer. Now comes the easy part – sending them – or so you thought. It’s only a half a dozen documents in various formats [...]

Meritage Homes Thumb

4 Ways CRM and Document Generation Transformed a Custom Homebuilder’'”s Business

Nov 19

Salesforce.com Blog, By Rebecca Brown – Getting a contract to a customer in one minute instead of one hour may sound like an impossible feat of customer service, but for Meritage Homes, it isn’t. Back in 2011, the company’s visionary leadership team implemented a Salesforce CRM and an app by Drawloop, sparking a technology revolution [...]

Blog Feature Image

No More Documents on Your Desktop . . . Ever!

Nov 13

Part two of our latest blog series: “Any Data. Any Document. Any Delivery.” Take a glance at your computer’s task bar? How many documents are currently open on your desktop? 5? 10? 20? Now think about how many minutes/hours you’ve spent this past week editing those documents – time you’ll never get back. And time [...]


New Three Part Series: Any Data. Any Document. Any Delivery.

Nov 6

Today “work smarter, not harder” is a theme across many organizations. We couldn’t agree more. Salesforce is leading the way with their recently announced Customer Success Platform, which allows you to consolidate data on a single platform and connect with customers through sales, customer service, marketing, communities, apps, and now analytics. While there are many [...]